• What is GenieMoney?

    GenieMoney is a web portal designed to facilitate selected few investors/ fund houses those are continuously searching for investment opportunities across various industries through options like Joint ventures, Mergers, Acquisitions or Bridge Financing etc.


    GenieMoney team is experienced in Mergers and Acquisitions, Business Valuations, Due Diligence and Legal aspects involved in transactions. The team Prima Facie assesses potential and credentials of the investment opportunities and after its satisfaction; it uploads the opportunity on the portal.


    Apart from business opportunities, this portal escalates unique investment opportunities to acquire distressed assets which may be Factories, Godowns, Lands or Pre-Leased properties etc.


    This portal would also facilitate the member investors to exit from their existing investments by circulating their exit requirements amongst the other fellow investors.

  • How to register and operate?

    GenieMoney is humbly selective about giving access to the portal. Therefore, we request every user to follow simple online registration process on the portal.


    To access the portal, Registration Process needs to be completed as follows,


    • Click on SIGN UP button on the Top Right Corner of the portal


    • Select the type User you would want to be. One user can select only one type during a single registration, but a user can register himself with all three criteria.


    • Fill in other details in SIGN UP Form


    • Accept User Agreement and Terms of Privacy


    • Click on SIGN UP button


    • Email Confirming receipt of application would be sent alongwith Login details.


    • For viewing any opportunity or uploading any opportunity or the portal, SIGNING IN is compulsory.


    • Any uploading of any opportunity would be done only after confirmation by GenieMoney


    • Members may receive briefs of opportunities loaded by email and SMS on time to time basis


    • In order to maintain authenticity of users of the portals, GenieMoney team reverses right to call for information and verify the same.


    • It has right to reject application for membership anytime before registration or after registration. It also reserves right not to approve posting of the leads proposed by any member or withdraw it any time after its posting.
  • Whether the information provided is kept secret?

    We do not share any personal or business details of Investors with anyone. It is kept with high secrecy within our organisation as well for our own benefit of the business as well.

  • What are the advantages of using GenieMoney?

    • Reach to successful Entrepreneurs having promising business opportunities where possibilities of strategic tie up or deployment of funds and resources is possible


    • Platform for investors to exit from their existing investments


    • Advantage of professional services like Valuations, Financial and Legal Due diligence from GenieMoney team


    • Opportunities in distressed properties


    • Opportunity to get connected with other Investors or Entrepreneurs, spread across India through GenieMoney


    • Investors can use this network to explore possibilities to attract funds through the portal
  • What are fees and charges? When are they payable?

    • There are no charges for Registration and Use of the portal. Your association itself is very valuable for us


    • GenieMoney team shall approach users, only in case they express their interest in exploring particular opportunity through this portal


    • GenieMoney team shall arrange for detailed information and one to one meeting with respective entrepreneurs and enter into understanding for fees for closing the transaction


    • Fees shall be charged for facilitating the transaction and it will be payable based on stages of performance


    • In case, investors are interested in concluding the transaction on their own, GenieMoney would charge only nominal referral fees and shall exit from the transaction
  • What are the responsibilities/ authorities of GenieMoney team?

    GenieMoney Team shall not divulge any information provided by investors during the process of registration or subsequent to registration without their written confirmation


    GenieMoney team shall assess opportunities posted on the portal on prima facie basis and shall be subject to further assessment and due diligence


    GenieMoney team has right to verify credentials of interested users before allowing the registration as well as post registration. GenieMoney has right to deny registration or cancel registration to anyone, any time without giving any reasons and notice at its sole discretion.

  • What are the credentials of GenieMoney team?

    GenieMoney is a web portal operated by, ‘Corplink Management Solutions Private Limited’, Mumbai based private limited company registered under the companies Act, 1956.


    It is promoted by Mr. Jayesh Chavan, a Chartered Accountant by qualification and having a decade long experience in Corporate Finance, Mergers and Acquisitions and Commercial Laws


    He is assisted by professional team consisting of Chartered Accountants, Company Secretary and Lawyers and Ex- bankers


    The company has registered office as well as administration office in Mumbai and both owned by the promoters

  • What kind of investors use GenieMoney and in what type of companies do they invest in?

    GenieMoney has hundreds of registered private equity houses and high net worth individuals who are actively seeking to invest in businesses with great potential. They typically invest in growth - oriented start-ups.

  • How does GenieMoney match the businesses with the investors?

    GenieMoney register all the investors into their category of interest sorted by industry, location and project cost. so, entrepreneurs can easily search the list of investors who are keen to invest their money. When any business model is registered on our platform, it is matched with an investor's preference and is them sent to the investor for review. so, there are so many chances that any business model gets instant exposure at the moment it registered in our database.

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